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What is CQC registration?

Understandably, health and social care services need to be well-regulated, to ensure that the care they provide is of a proper standard. As such, individuals or organisations that want to provide health and social care services are required to carry out a CQC registration. So, what exactly does this entail?

CQC stands for ‘Care Quality Commission’, the body that is responsible for ensuring that care and health services are being carried out to a high standard of quality. Before a person or organisation can begin delivering health and social care services, they must first register with the commission, which will decide whether or not they are capable of carrying out the services they are registering for.

What type of service requires CQC registration?

There are a variety of services that need to be registered under CQC guidelines, and each service a provider (the person or organisation offering the service) wishes to provide must be noted individually on the registration. These services include, personal care, nursing care, midwifery, accommodation for people receiving personal care, and surgical procedures among others. As such, a variety of providers – from a person starting a home care business to private clinics – register with the CQC.

As well as the services being carried out, the provider will also need to register which locations they are carrying out their operations from. Regarding mobile providers, the location given is the head or regional office. The provider will also be required to designate a registered manager, if they have not done so already. This position involves managing the day-to-day provision of health and social care services, to ensure that practitioners are carrying out their roles properly and preserving the safety and dignity of those they tend to.

CQC registration statement of purpose

A provider will also be required to offer a statement of purpose as part of their registration. This is a summation of what services they aim to provide, where they will offer such services, and to whom they will provide them – alongside other official information. When all this is done, the CQC will assess whether or not they feel the provider meets the standards necessary to be authorised to carry out their intended work.

HLTH Resourcing and Compliance are dedicated to helping providers register easily and meet CQC standards. With a team made up of former CQC and NHS professionals – including CQC inspectors and policy writers – we can help you have a smooth registration process, and ensure that the services you provide are at the highest level of quality.