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CQC Registered Managers

  Let’s talk about CQC Registered Managers?

What are CQC Registered Managers and why do you need them?

The Health and Social Care Act 2008 states that all Care Quality Commission regulated providers must have a Registered Manager.

A vitally important role, your Registered Manager will not only oversee the day-to-day management of your business they will also guide the long-term vision and clinical direction of your service. This can include everything from delivering care for clients, designing care plans for service users, organising care rotasmanaging budgets and the training and recruitment of staff.

In essence, the role of the Registered Manager is to deliver the clinical and operational imperatives of your service and ensure that every aspect of the organisation complies with CQC regulations.

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What does a CQC Registered Manager do for CQC Inspections?

The Registered Manager also takes on the role of key contact when the CQC need to make arrangements for an inspection, both beforehand and on the day. When they have conducted their inspection, the CQC usually hold introductory and feedback sessions with the Registered Manager, so it is important they are familiar with the requirements of the inspection process.

That is a lot of responsibility for one person, but luckily HLTH Resourcing are here to ensure you get this crucial step right.

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Who should be my Registered Manager?

Given the importance of the Registered Manager role within your care provider, it is essential to carefully consider who you appoint to the role:

  • Do they have the necessary qualifications?
  • The organisational and managerial skill sets?
  • Knowledge of the CQC Inspection processes?
  • The right soft skills and personality to fit in with your existing team?
  • And of course, the relevant sector experience for your specific service provider?
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How can we help?

We have an exceptional network of Registered Manager candidates all of whom have significant experience in such fields as managing teams, delivering care for clients, designing care plans for service users, developing policies and procedures and the essential role of being key contact for the CQC.

So, whether you are a new provider looking for the perfect Registered Manager to start your care organisation or an existing care provider who needs an exceptional candidate to take them to the next level – We are here to help, contact us today!

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