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Do You Need a Residential Home Manager? Here’s How to Find One

In the world of business, there are all sorts of people who help a company to thrive, including HR professionals, receptionists and office managers. But what if you have a residential home? A residential home manager is an essential role in this type of environment.

A residential home manager is not just an employee but also a friend for those living in the home – providing support and reassurance to residents who may need it. Read on to learn about the ways in which you can find a Residential Home Manager and the importance of one.

The Importance of a Residential Home Manager

A residential home manager helps to minimise the pressure on GPs, local hospitals and emergency centres by overseeing a team of staff who offer quality care to residents. Responsible for the day-to-day running and leadership of residential care homes, they work closely with their team to identify and monitor social factors like isolation and loneliness.

With huge amounts of patience, reliability and excellent communication skills, a residential home manager will act as a role model for the employees they manage. They’ll help promote and establish a community environment in the residential home, assist with the needs of the staff and residents, liaise with the Housing Office and encourage a positive atmosphere.

How to Hire a Residential Home Manager

While it would be ideal to promote staff from within your business (the best way to develop your management team is to do so internally), it’s also important that you hire someone with management experience. If you promote internally, you’ll be sending a positive message to all your employees that they can progress and develop in their careers within your company. If you don’t feel you have anyone on your team ready for this position, you’ll need to hire externally.

Go to a Recruitment Agency

If you are in need of a residential home manager because yours has moved on or retired, reach out to a recruitment agency. Not only will they provide you with full support and specialist knowledge, but they’ll ensure a quicker hiring process with high-quality candidates.

HLTH Resourcing can be the all-rounder recruitment agency you need it to be. Sometimes, recruitment can be a time-consuming and costly process of finding someone to fill your position, but even then, they may not turn out to be the right fit.

At HLTH Resourcing, we use our pool of specialist and experienced managers, senior staff and leaders to fill managerial and executive positions across care providers. We get to know you and how your organisation works to pick the right person that will slot right into your existing team, so you can spend more time focusing on delivering high-quality care.

To find out more about how we can help you find the right Residential Home Manager for your organisation, or to find out more about the other roles we can help you recruit for, contact us today.