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Help Recruiting a GP Practice Manager

There are two pillars to successfully recruiting a GP practice manager: knowing what your ideal candidate is, and then delivering an attractive and informative advertising campaign to connect you to a pool of suitable applicants.

Develop a Clear Job Spec or Candidate Profile

The size, complexity and community demand of your GP practice must be considered when developing a detailed job profile. What KPIs do you have, and what current obstacles and opportunities would a new GP practice manager be tasked with?

They will certainly need general abilities associated with this post, including financial, communications, organisational, leadership and change management skills. Their commitment to equality and diversity should be high too.

With a detailed job spec sorted, drill down on the professional and personal attributes that your ‘ideal’ recruit would need to demonstrate.

Make this Job and Your GP Practice Appealing

From this careful planning comes a well-worded recruitment campaign, including a GP Practice Manager application pack. This should include your job spec, policy paperwork and an application form specific to the role. If all candidates fill in the same form – rather than relying on CVs – it helps you to compare like with like features.

Consider using a healthcare marketing agency for your recruitment campaign, such as HLTH Resourcing. UK jobs vacancies are at a record high, so you must position and promote your practice to attract enough candidates and the right ones!

Your jobs ads and application pack must make the post sound attractive. Also, our sister company, HLTH Digital can help you with healthcare website design, as would-be recruits will check you out online.

Effective Interviews

Once you have shortlisted applicants for your GP manager post (according to how well their submission matched your needs and expectations), it’s on to interviews. A standardised set of interview questions designed to draw out how authentically they match your standards is recommended.

The Perfect Fit

Finally, using objective and thorough consideration, decide which interviewee ticked the most boxes, and take up their references. Don’t forget to assess their ability to slot into your GP practice smoothly, personality-wise.

You may find the best candidate is not from a healthcare background. This means you need to focus on even more robust training goals as part of your GP Practice Manager induction programme.

HLTH Resourcing

The best way to find your next GP Practice Manager is to contact the team at HLTH Resourcing. We can get to know you and your practice, the way it runs and existing staff, to connect you with one of our managers who will be a perfect fit for your business.

We have our own experiences of working within the health and social care industry, so we know exactly what it’s like when you need to find the right person to fit the right role – but all you need to do is simply ask.

For more help in successfully finding the right GP Practice Manager, or any other senior level roles within the health and social care sector, contact the HLTH Resourcing team today.