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How to find CQC qualified management support for your home care organisation

Managing a care home is a tough job, that’s why finding the right person to do it is so important. When you have found your perfect match they need to be supported in their role as much as possible so both you and they can look forward to a successful working relationship.

The benefits of being CQC Registered

Being registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) means managers must meet certain standards set out by them, which all good managers should, but being CQC Registered makes sure they have met those standards – making life easier for you as an employer because the standard has been met by them already. So if your business or organisation is looking for a manager or senior staff member then why not speak to one that is CQC Registered.

How to find help with management support for home care

You can find Certified Management Consultants (CMC) worldwide on the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants site by typing in your country and ‘management consultants’ or you could try ‘consultant managers’.

Management consultants are here to help you, so don’t be nervous about asking them to meet you, have a chat about your business needs, tell them what you are looking for and then ask if they know anyone that might fit the bill. The majority of consultants work with other consultants because it is more effective doing this, but there will always be some that perhaps work alone or within an organisation providing management services.

The reason why taking the time to speak to one before writing up a job advert is essential is because it gives you a good indication of what the market is like for finding a manager. It also gives you an idea about the different types of qualifications and experience that are out there.

Something to bear in mind is that management consultants are not miracle workers, so don’t go into the meeting thinking that they will be able to wave a wand and turn your struggling home into a profit-making one – but they may have some great ideas and suggestions which can help get you on the right track.