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How To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is an invaluable social network tool for both job hunters and recruiters. Your LinkedIn profile is your shop window to potential employers and a great way to improve your online presence.

Here are five tips on how you can improve your LinkedIn profile to make you more employable.

Set Your Profile to Public

Your LinkedIn public profile has limited information available by default. When looking for a job, turn on full view to allow search crawlers and non-logged-in users full access to your profile. Doing this will make it easier for potential employers to notice you, especially if your profile is well set up.

Add Keywords

Employers and recruitment agencies search through LinkedIn using keywords to target potentials hires. Therefore, be sure to include keywords throughout your profile, but especially in the specialities section. Think about the terms that might be important to your potential employers and those that align with the role you are trying to get.

Use A Professional Photo

Your LinkedIn photo plays a significant role in determining whether you get the job or not. Most people focus on creating the best profile but forget that their picture makes a longer-lasting impression.

According to research, LinkedIn users with profile photos receive up to 9x more connection requests and 21x more views. An ideal LinkedIn photo should feature your face in the majority of your frame and reflect a friendly expression.

Build on Your Network and Recommendations

Just like referees are an essential part of the hiring process, recommendations are a key part of your LinkedIn profile. In cases where two individuals have the same credentials, who gets the job could boil down to who has better recommendations. Therefore, be sure to request recommendations from your current and former colleagues, supervisors, mentors and clients.

Also, try and connect with LinkedIn groups relevant to your profession. Your contribution in group discussions demonstrates your expertise and it could help attract recruiters and employers.

Check for Typos

Your LinkedIn profile is as important as your CV. Ensure that you proofread it to check for any grammatical errors and typos.

Errors in your profile can imply poor attention to detail and may cause potential employers to disregard your application they may also cause your profile to not appear in search results as search algorithms will not be able to pick up on it.

HLTH Resourcing

At HLTH Resourcing, we take pride in knowing how to source exceptional candidates and how they can benefit you and your organisation. We know how the healthcare recruitment industry works and how to find the right people to fit within your team, as we do thorough research on any candidates’ experiences and backgrounds.

This means that because we know what goes into a good candidate and what their profile should include, you don’t have to do any of the searching yourself. So, you can get back to delivering high-quality care whilst we find you your next exceptional employee.

For more information on how we can help you with your LinkedIn profile or if you need any help on recruiting senior members of staff for your organisation, contact HLTH Resourcing today for more information.