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How to prepare for the fit and proper persons CQC interview

It can be a cause for much anxiety but the CQC fit and proper person interview need not be the significant hurdle it seems in your dream to become a registered manager.

Anyone who applies to become a registered manager of social care services, GP practices or dental surgeries will undergo an interview to help determine if they meet the regulatory requirements to manage a service.

How long does the fit person interview last?

CQC will usually ask you to allow two to three hours for the interview itself. However, in practice the interview can be as short as half an hour and typically lasts an hour. The interview is not a test. There is no score generated, nor a minimum threshold which must be achieved.

The fit person interview is a competency-based one which aims to give the interviewer an overview of your knowledge, approach to providing care, support and treatment and to managing a service.

Where are fit person interviews held?

Under normal circumstances, you will be invited to attend the interview at a CQC regional office. CQC might also offer to visit your premises or conduct the interview remotely.

What should I take with me to the fit person interview?

It would be useful to take a copy of your location’s Statement of Purpose and a copy of the latest Fundamental Standards. You will find it helpful to familiarise yourself with the specific guidance for registered managers which you can find on the CQC website. The guidance changes from time to time so ensure you have accessed the most recent version.

Will I need a detailed knowledge of legislation and CQC compliance?

It would be unrealistic to expect applicants to be able to recite health and social care legislation in depth. But brushing up on the name(s) of relevant pieces of legislation is a minimum as is understanding their purpose and an overview of the content.

The same is true for compliance requirements. Familiarise yourself with the scope of compliance, the standards which apply and the essential outcomes which apply to your registered service category.

What else might the CQC interviewer ask?

Before you attend, it is also worth giving some thought as to how you will answer questions relating to:

Your background, particularly in relation to delivering services
Your experience in the health and social care sector
Your managerial or supervisory skills
Your motivations in becoming a registered manager
Your personal values in delivering effective services
Not only to delivery of care and health services, but also HR, health and safety, quality assurance, safeguarding, recruitment, training and disciplinary processes
Your approach to equality and diversity

How do I learn the outcome of my fit person interview?

Once the full assessment process has been completed, a successful application will receive a Notice of Proposal to Register.

The result of an unsuccessful application process will be provided as a formal notice. This may be a Notice of Proposal to Refuse Registration. Alternatively, CQC may issue a Notice of Proposal to Register with Conditions.

If the applicant disagrees with the decision and resulting notice, a hearing can be convened to receive representations. If the hearing outcome is unsatisfactory it is possible to appeal and subsequently attend a tribunal.