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How to Successfully Recruit a Registered Manager

Under the Health and Social Care Act 2008, providers registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), must have a Registered Manager. They are appointed by the provider and manage the day-to-day regulated activity on their behalf. Various regulated activities include diagnostics, treatment of disease or injury and personal care.

In essence, the role of the Registered Manager is to deliver the clinical and operational imperatives of your service and ensure that every aspect of the organisation complies with CQC regulations. To maximise the success of your business and ensure that it runs smoothly, it is imperative to find and recruit the right manager for the role.

So what steps is it necessary to take to successfully recruit a registered manager that is ideally suited to your business?

Clarify Your Needs and Requirements

Recruiting the right candidate involves thorough planning, so it is important to figure out what you want from a candidate straight away. Clarify the objectives of your service and what requirements a manager must bring in order to optimise the running of it.

When you create the advertisement for the role, ensure that it clearly outlines the structure of your organisation and the responsibilities that will be involved in running it.

Identify Candidates Who Meet Fundamental Standards

During the recruitment process, especially during the interview stages, it is very important to focus on candidates who will ensure your provider continually meets the fundamental standards, as set out by the CQC. These are the standards which your care must never fall and include factors such as dignity and respect, safety and good governance.

It is important to find someone who will harmonise with the ethos of your business’ culture and is a good leader. They should be capable of assuring high-quality leadership whilst simultaneously providing accountability for the successful running of your organisation, whether you run a healthcare facility, a care home or provide domiciliary care.

Score Your Candidates

If there are several excellent candidates, it can be difficult to decide on which individual will be ideal for your organisation. Create a points-based scoring system to maximise the clarity of your recruitment process. This can make it easier and simpler, allowing you to compare various candidates side by side and choose the one that ultimately has the most to offer to you and your business.

Seek Assistance

Finding the right registered manager is incredibly important to your organisation. At HLTH Resourcing, we have an exceptional network of candidates ready to take on new challenges, all of whom have significant experience in managing teams and delivering care.

Our team of healthcare experts are more than equipped to assist you in finding the right Registered Manager for your provider. We will get to know you and your business, allowing us to find you the right person that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

To find out more about how we can help you find the right Registered Manager that is bespoke to you and your business, contact HLTH Resourcing today.