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Key Strategies to Source the Best Candidates

The healthcare industry in the UK has struggled with recruitment issues for a number of reasons. Skills shortages, difficulties in providing accurate skill-based assessments and a volatile job market all contribute to the challenges faced by recruiters in the sector.

Pressure is growing for the healthcare sector to roll out more established providers of healthcare services, as people are living for longer and looking for comfort in their golden years.

Tackling this challenge is multifaceted, but a great place to start is the recruitment process itself.

We’re going to take a look at some key strategies that healthcare providers can use to source the best candidates for the roles that need to be filled.

Work Out What Qualities You Are Looking for In Your Candidate

When looking to source the ideal candidate for your provider, it is important that you establish what qualities you are looking for in that person. For any job role, there will be skills and credentials for your potential candidate to have to meet. These may include having significant experience within the industry or a relevant degree.

If your provider has a clear idea of the type of candidate you are looking for, it makes it a lot easier to source the right person.

Put Benefits Centre Stage

Although base salary is an important factor for individuals looking to take on a role in the healthcare industry, it’s not the only thing worth considering. Try to highlight any benefits available to candidates throughout the recruitment process.

An example of a benefit that you might be able to discuss include clear career progression. By offering advancements you are showing that you are dedicated and willing to give your employees the space and opportunity to advance in their careers. You can offer hands-on training programmes and regular one-on-one meetings to facilitate this.

Other examples include flexible working hours, a positive working environment, specific employee benefits or any other benefit that makes the role stand out.

Make It Easier to Apply for the Role

There are already enough barriers that job candidates have to contend with, so try to make the application process as simple as possible. This includes how they apply, for example, through a mobile device or popular recruitment sites such as LinkedIn or Indeed.

Offering many ways for people to apply for your job will open the market up to a lot more people.

Don’t Ignore What’s in Front of You

Other ways to improve the application process include searching internally and locally for job candidates. This can be as simple as asking around the office or putting posters up around local community centres.

Finding the right person for your healthcare position is rarely going to be a simple task. You can do your part to make it easier, though, by employing some of the tips discussed here.

For more information about sourcing candidates or to get help from us to find you the best people for your provider, contact HLTH Resourcing today.